Top Chef Meals: Our Mission, Facility, and Staff

Our Mission Connection


At Top Chef Meals we seek to create deeper connections with people by delivering delicious ready-to-eat meals that meet their lifestyle and wellness needs.




With over 70+ different entrees and over 300 side combinations, Top Chef Meals gives you honest pricing and the power to choose the food you love. 



Take back wasted time shopping, cooking and cleaning so you can focus more on doing the things you love with friends and family. 



Our fresh, made to order meals are compatible with any health and wellness need.   Free of all preservatives, antibiotics, chemicals, and trans fats to help you eat clean.


Our ingredients

All our ingredients are always locally sourced whenever possible and carefully selected from responsible providers.  We support best beef, pork, chicken and seafood practices to make sure our product has no antibiotics or hormones. Our Top Chefs inspect all of our produce for the very best fresh, seasonal, and carefully hand-packed cases.  

Our produce delivered by "Farm Fresh New York" is grown to over 50 different local farmers in New York and New Jersey.  

While we don’t exclusively source organically, our chefs inspect all of our produce for the very best fresh, seasonal, and carefully hand-packed cases possible.


Our history

Top Chef Meals is the brainchild of Founder and President, Paul Ghiron.  His early conversations with his father and his unique experiences working as a caterer inspired the fruition of Top Chef Meals. Paul found himself heavily involved in the corporate catering world back in 2010, as he worked as the President of The Crystal Spoon Corp. He employed numerous chefs and support staff who catered corporate and business gatherings throughout Westchester County. During this time period he became acute to the severely underutilized staff after the huge rush of business lunches they catered everyday.


One day, his father called him up frustrated by the lack of offerings for dinner that a single person is faced with and asked if he wouldn't mind bringing over dinner that night. During the conversation that ensued, the idea of Top Chef Meals was born! Top Chef Meals would use the Crystal Spoon's untapped chef talent to make meals for singles, couples and families who led very busy lives or who just wanted a fresh, chef prepared, healthy, nutritious meal delivered to their home. Each custom meal is prepared by a team of professional chefs who have 20+ years of experience and an unparalleled taste for premium quality, exceptional flavor and originality. 


Top Chef Meals operates out of modern new facility, centrally located in Westchester County in Elmsford, NY, just a short 20 minute ride to New York City. 



Each of our gourmet meals is prepared by our team of professional chefs who have years of experience and an unparalleled taste for premium quality, exceptional flavor and originality. Top Chef Meal's philosophy is that every prepared meal is an opportunity for a uniquely pleasurable and healthy culinary experience. 


Paul Ghiron, Founder & President:

Born in Manhattan, raised in Westchester, Paul has a degree in Engineering Operations.  While growing up he was actively involved in the family business Execu-Lunch Inc, one of Westchester first Corporate caterers. 

Paul spent 7 years in the US Air Force both flying fighter airplanes as well as working as a Program Manager of procurement.  Following that he worked for 4 years as a Program Director of development programs at a systems and software defense contractor before joining the family business.  Once joining Execu-Lunch he led the company through a 400% growth before his father retired, forcing a change in the corporate structure into what is now the Crystal Spoon Corporation.  Top Chef Meals is a division of the Crystal Spoon Corporation.

Tomas Palumbo, Executive Chef

As the Executive Chef, Tom trains and manages the entire scope of kitchen personnel and supervises/coordinates all related culinary activities; estimate food consumption and requisition or purchase food; select and develop recipes; standardize production recipes to ensure consistent quality; establish presentation technique and quality standards; plan and price menus; ensure proper equipment operation/maintenance; and ensure proper safety and sanitation in kitchen. He is often found cooking selected items for selected occasions and oversees all special catering events and offers culinary instruction and/or demonstrate culinary techniques to the entire staff.

Ted Colozzi, Customer Service

Ted is the driving force of our customer service team.  Ted has a vast background in the food service industry.  He started his career by earning a Food Service Management degree and has over 22 years experience as first a corporate chef and then later as an Executive Chef.  He has designed and oversaw the development of a FDA commissary that later transitioned to a fully inspected USDA facility.  His guidance and leadership has been instrumental in developing the Top Chef Meals facility into what it is today.  Originally responsible for company wide quality control and quality assurance, his penshant for dealing and helping customers has lead him to the customer service leadership role he is so passionate about today.

Vikas Kumar, Web & IT Developer

Vikas is Top Chef Meals web programmer.  He is an expert with over 12 years of development experience in the Drupal content management system platform.  He has been working with Top Chef Meals ever since 2014.  He is passionate about his programming and does his work with perfection.


We guarantee the quality of our products and their delivery in the best condition possible. Because we produce a perishable product, we cannot accept returned food items. We will promptly replace or credit your Top Chef Meals account for any meals that are damaged, spoiled, or otherwise inedible as a direct result of shipping or delivery.  

We cannot guarantee meals that are unacceptable because of taste preferences or over heating by consumers.

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